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The President Ordered to Absolve all the Members and the Secretaries


Resolved, That the President be authorized and ordered, and he is hereby authorized and ordered, to absolve all the Members and the Secretaries of this Convention from their oath of secrecy, relative to the Committee appointed to carry into execution resolutions of the Congress of this Colony of the 5th day of June last, relative to persons dangerous and disaffected to the American cause, and those of equivocal character, and all the proceedings of that Committee, except so much thereof as relates fo the names of persons not already apprehended or summoned.

The Report of the Committee relative to Horned Cattle and other Live Stock on Nassau Island, was again read; and, being read,

Ordered, That it be recommended that the following gentlemen be added to the Committee who brought in that Report, viz: Colonel De Wit, Colonel Lott, Mr˙ Lawrence, Samuel Townsend, Mr˙ Miller, Colonel Drake, Mr˙ Tompkins, Colonel Blackwell, Major Abeel, Mr˙ Dearing, Mr˙ Gelston, and Mr˙ Hobart. That every Member of this Congress have a right to attend this Committee, and every Member who attends shall have a vote; and the said Committee reconsider the said Report, and report thereon with all convenient speed.

A Letter from David Mathews, Esq˙, a prisoner, now at the White Plains, was read. He therein desires to be heard before this Convention. A Member informed the Convention that this request is made by Mr˙ Mathews with the design to exculpate himself from a charge of having supported some disaffected persons now in custody, and of having sent them on board of the ships-of-war.

Another Member informed the Convention that John L˙ C˙ Roome requests that he may be sent a prisoner on his parole to Shrewsbury.

Ordered, That the said Letter and Applications be referred to the Committee appointed to deal with dangerous and disaffected persons, and those of equivocal character.

Mr˙ Yates, from the Committee appointed to report of the number of Rangers proposed or necessary to be raised in and for the defence of the frontier Counties, delivered in their Report, which was read. The same being read a second time, Mr˙ De Wit moved, and was seconded, that Rangers


be also raised and stationed in Ulster County, or that the Report be recommitted.

Thereupon, Ordered, That said Report be recommitted to Mr˙ De Wit, Mr˙ Little, and the Committee who brought in the said Report, and that they report with all convenient speed.

Whereas the navigation of Hudson' s River is become obstructed so that the fifteen hundred pounds weight of Lead lately ordered to be sent from New York to Charlotte County, cannot be transported up that river:

Therefore, Ordered, That the Committee of the County of Albany supply to Major Alexander Webster fifteen hundred pounds weight of Lead, if that quantity can be spared by the said Committee; and if so much cannot be spared from the City and County of Albany, that then the said Committee be, and hereby are, requested to cause so much Lead to be taken out of the windows of the houses in Albany as to supply that quantity of Lead to the Committee of Charlotte County; that a particular account be kept of any Lead taken or received from any person for the purpose above-mentioned, that a compensation may hereafter be made for the same, and that the said Lead be charged to Charlotte County, to the end that the same may be fully paid for by Charlotte County, when thereunto required.