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Letter to the Committee of the City of New-York


A draft of a Letter to the Committee of the City of New-York was read and approved, and is in the words following, to wit:

"SIR: I herewith enclose you copies of two resolutions of the Convention of this State, for obtaining the telescope belonging to the College of New-York, for the use of his Excellency General Washington. The Convention request you to call on Mr˙ Moore, the President for the time being, or such governour of the College as may have the care of that telescope, and produce the resolve marked No˙ 2, and request the delivery of that telescope for the use of his Excellency, which we presume will procure it without difficulty. If by that means you do not obtain the said telescope, then we desire that, in pursuance of the resolution No 1, you cause the said telescope to be taken out of the City-Hall of the City, in the presence of yourself and some others of the Committee; and when, by either means, you have obtained the said telescope, please to have it safely delivered to his Excellency the General.

"I am, respectfully, sir, your very humble servant.

"By order.

"To John Berrien, Esq˙, Chairman, &c."


Ordered, That a copy thereof be engrossed, and signed by the President, and transmitted.

Ordered, That the consideration of the propriety of Mr˙ Scott' s taking his seat as a Member in this Convention, be deferred till to-morrow.