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Extract from Minutes of the Albany Committee, Oct. 19


19th October. — The Committee again took into consideration the distressing situation the Army to the northward may happen to fall for want of Provisions; and thereupon,

Resolved, That Messrs˙ John Ten Broeck, Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, and Stephen Schuyler, be a Committee to confer with the Deputy Commissary-General, what assistance he should want in procuring and transporting Provisions.

The Committee returned and reported, that they had waited on the Deputy Commissary-General, and requested from him what assistance he required from this Board, and that he had furnished him with the following written request:

The Deputy Commissary-General applied to this Board that the Cooper in the store, and four other persons employed in issuing Provisions and procuring Carriages for transporting the same, might be detained, and excused from the present march with the Militia to the northward.

Resolved, That the Commissary' s request be granted. And the said persons are hereby excused accordingly, and that the Commissary' s request, with the names of the persons, be delivered him; and that Nicholas Mersailles, one of the contractors for purchasing Cattle, be added to the persons excused.

The Deputy Commissary-General requested that Teunis T˙ Van Veghten might be excused from marching with the


Militia to the northward, as he had employed him to purchase Cattle for the use of the Northern Army,

Resolved, That the Commissary' s request be granted. And the said Teunis Van Veghten is hereby excused accordingly.

Mr˙ Myndert J˙ Ten Eyck, one of the members of this Board, being employed by the Deputy Commissary-General to purchase Flour and other Provisions,

Resolved, That the said Myndert J˙ Ten Eyck, and such others as are employed by the Commissary to purchase Flour and Provisions, proceed on their business with all despatch, and forward the same to such places as they shall be directed by the Commissary, with the greatest despatch; and they are hereby empowered to detain such persons as they shall deem necessary for the manufacturing of Flour, purchasing Provisions, and transporting the same.