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Letter from the Committee of Marbletown


A Letter from the Committee of Marbletown, dated January 29, signed by Levi Pawling, Chairman, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

"Marbletown, January 29, 1776.

"GENTLEMEN: We, the Committee of the township of Marbletown, are under the disagreeable necessity of troubling your honourable body; though, as it is the first of the kind, we expect to be excused.

"The matter we have to lay before your honourable Board is, that, in compliance to a resolve passed by the honourable Provincial Congress the 22d of August last, there was an election for choosing of officers in the company of the southwest district of said town, and the following persons were chosen by a very great majority, viz: Cornelius E˙ Wynlcoop, Captain; Charles W˙ Brodhead, First Lieutenant; Moses M˙ Cantine, Second Lieutenant; and Jacob Chambers Ensign; which your honourable Board has been pleased to commission. These gentlemen officiated each in their respective ranks with great satisfaction, as far as we know, until it pleased your honourable body to promote Captain Wynkoop to be a Major in Colonel Dewitt' s Regiment of Minute-men; after which, there was a day appointed, agreeably to said resolve, for filling up the vacancy by the company' s choice, when John Hasbrouck, a person not belonging to the company, nor even to the regiment, set up, or intended to set up, for Captain of said company; which caused a great deal of confusion.

"We therefore pray that we may be informed, as soon as possible, whether it is the opinion of your honourable body that a Captain should be chosen, or that the First Lieutenant should be promoted, and the other subalterns rise in rank, and then an Ensign to be chosen; which we think is the most natural construction to be laid on the resisted resolve. And if a procedure of that kind cannot take place, your Honours may be assured that Mr˙ Brodhead will resign, and then a new election must ensue, and in course more troubles of that kind ensue. But, at the same time, we are willing to comply with such directions as we may receive from your honourable body.

"We are, gentlemen, your Honours' very humble servants.

"By order of the Committee:

"LEVI PAWLING, Chairman.

"To the Honourable Provincial Congress in New-York."

The Petition of John Hasbrouck and others, dated at Marbletown, January 30, 1776, was read and filed.

Ordered, That the Letter from the Committee of Marbletown, as also the Petition of John Hasbrouck and others, be referred to the Members of Orange and Dutchess, and that they make report with all convenient speed.