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Commodore Davison and the Captains


The Council then adjourned to two o' clock, P˙ M.,

When the following Members met: Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, President, Owen Biddle, George Gray, John Hubly, James Cannon, Frederick Kuhl, John Moore, John Weitzel, Samuel Morris, Sen˙, Henry Keppele, Jun˙, Joseph Blewer.

John Maxwell Nesbitt, was directed to pay Captain Reese Johns, of Colonel Hockley' s Battalion, of Chester County, £7 2 6, for mileage for thirty-eight men; to be charged to Congress.

According to a Summons of the 20th instant, Commodore Davison and the Captains of the Galleys appeared before the Board, and after hearing the Captains' reasons why Commodore Davison should not be continued in the command, and the Commodore' s answer thereto, it was agreed that the determination should be referred to a future day.