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Report of the Committee on the Letter from Machias


The Committee appointed to consider the Letter from Machias reported. The Report was accepted, and is as follows, viz:

Resolved, That the thanks of this Congress be, and are hereby given to Captain Jeremiah Obrian and Captain Benjamin Foster, and the other brave men under their command, for their courage and good conduct in taking one of the Tenders belonging to our enemies, and two Sloops belonging to Ichabod Jones, and for preventing the Ministerial Troops being supplied with Lumber; and that the said Tender, Sloops, their appurtenances and cargoes, remain in the hands of the said Captains Obrian and Foster and the men under their command, for them to use and improve as they shall think most for their and the publick' s advantage, until the further order of this or some future Congress, or House of Representatives. And that the Committee of Safety for the Western Parish of Pownalborough be ordered to convey the prisoners taken by the said Obrian and Foster from Pownalborough Jail to the Committee of Safety or Correspondence for the Town of Brunswick, and the Committee for Brunswick to convey them to some Committee in the County of York, and so to be conveyed from County to County till they arrive at this Congress.