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Message to Irish


"Message to the IRISH House of Commons.

"Jovis, Nov. 23,1774.

"HARCOURT. — I have his Majesty' s command to acquaint you that the situation of affairs in part of his American dominions is such as makes it necessary, for the honour and safety of the British empire, and for the support of his Majesty' s just rights, to desire the concurrence of his faithful Parliament of Ireland in sending out of this kingdom a force not exceeding four thousand men, part of the number of troops upon this establishment, appointed to remain in this kingdom for its defence; and to declare to you his Majesty' s most gracious intentions, that such part of his army as shall be spared out of this kingdom, to answer the present exigency of affairs, is not to continue a charge upon this establishment so long as they shall remain out of the kingdom. I am further commanded to inform you that, as his Majesty has nothing more at heart than the security and protection of his people of Ireland, it is his intention, if it be the desire of Parliament, to replace such forces as may be sent out of this kingdom, by an equal number of foreign Protestant troops, as soon as his Majesty shall be enabled so to do; the charge of such troops to be defrayed without any expense to this kingdom."