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Town Meeting at Providence, Rhode-Island



At a Town-Meeting held at Providence, on the tenth day of May, A˙ D˙ 1775, by adjournment, Nicholas Cooke, Esquire, Moderator:

Voted, That it be and it is hereby recommended to the honourable Town Council at their next session to establish a Watch in this Town of six men each night, agreeable to law, and to appoint a Master or Warden to set said Watch, and to have the oversight and direction there of, for six months from this time; and that the said Town Council be desired to meet to settle said Watch on Friday next; and it is recommended to said Council that each person have the liberty to watch in their turn, or to furnish a person in his room, and on failure thereof to pay Three Shillings for each neglect.

Voted, That six persons be appointed to examine into the state of the inhabitants of this Town, and to make report of all such that are provided with Small-Arms and accoutrements agreeable to law, and of all such that are not provided agreeable to law with Small-Arms, &c˙, and of all persons that in their judgments are not of ability to supply themselves, saving and excepting all those that are or may be enlisted.

The following persons are appointed to make the examination, To wit: Nathaniel Wheaton, Benjamin Thurber, David Lawrence, Paul Allen, Benoni Pearce, and Barnard Eddy, and that the same be made on Saturday next. Voted, That this meeting be adjourned to Monday next, two o' clock, P˙ M.