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Correspondence between Captain Wallace and Town Council of Newport, Rhode-Island


[No˙ 5.] Newport, November 16, 1775.

SIR: Your proposals for a truce with this Town were laid before us yesterday, by a Committee appointed to wait on you for that purpose. We should be happy in complying with them, but our very unhappy situation, we fear, is such, that however anxious we are to comply with your proposals, we shall not have it in our power, unless Captain Wallace will please to consent and agree that whatever provisions, &c˙, he may have occasion for, should be procured and furnished him by Samuel Dyre, Esq˙, who will wait on you, to receive your orders for the same, whenever you please. Our great fear is, that should your men be suffered by you to come into our market, we should not be able to prevent them from being taken. If Captain Wallace will agree to be furnished by Mr˙ Dyre, we hope the truce may be preserved: and you may be assured every thing shall be done by us, and the greatest part of the inhabitants remaining in Town, that it shall not be violated on our parts. We also promise that every thing shall be done to prevent the troops from coming into Town. Captain Wallace to be furnished with fresh beef, &c˙, for his ships' use, lying under his command here; the ferry, market, fish, and wood boats, to pass and repass, unmolested.

Signed by order and in behalf of the Town Council of Newport: WM˙ CODDINGTON, Council Clerk.

To James Wallace, Esq˙, Commander of His Majesty' s Ship Rose.