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Petition and Pay-Roll


The Committee on the Petition and Pay-Roll of Captain Thomas Goldthwait' s Company, of the Garrison at Fort Pownall, again reported, and the consideration of the Report was put off to the next session of this Court.

Whereas many Towns in this Colony have been ordered by this Court and late Congresses to bring into the Publick Magazine a part of their Town' s stock of Ammunition, for the use of the American Army, with encouragement of having the same replaced as soon as the state of the Colony Magazine and the demand of the Army would admit thereof, and great mischief may accrue from an unnecessary delay of this affair,

Resolved, That the Committee of Supplies be, and they hereby are empowered and directed to replace and deliver to the several Towns the Powder that has, in consequence of the above Resolves, been ordered therefrom, as soon as the state of the Colony Magazine will admit thereof; special reference being had to the Towns which lie nearest to Boston and are contiguous to the Sea-Coasts.

In Council, August 24, 1775: Read and concurred.