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Recantation of Lewis Macdonald,of Bedford, Westchester County, New-York



I, Lewis McDonald, Jun˙, of Bedford, Westchester County, in the Province of New York, having lately taken the office of Justice of the Peace, under the Ministerial party in this Province, in which I have endeavoured to support their measures, and also violently opposed the military preparations made in consequence of the directions of the honourable Continental Congress, and in many instances have, both in principle and practice been inimical to the liberty and rights of America; for the whole of which conduct I am sincerely sorry, and ask the forgiveness of this Committee, and all the inhabitants of my bleeding country, whom I have injured by my misconduct, either by my private conduct, or in the execution of my office of justice of the peace; and promise that I will suspend acting in that office without the consent of the Committee of the town of Bedford. Which above confession


and promise I freely set my hand unto, in Stamford, in Connecticut, desiring the same to be published in one of the New-York papers.

Lewis McDonald

December 12, 1775.