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Committee to procure immediately two hundred Axes for the use of the Army


Ordered, That Captain Brown, Mr˙ Dix, Col˙ Smith, Major Brooks, Major Johnson, Mr˙ Johnson, of Lynn, and Colonel McIntosh, be a Committee to procure immediately


two hundred narrow Axes for the use of the Army; and when procured to put them into the hands of the Committee of Supplies, to be by them sent to his Excellency General Washington, for the use aforesaid.

In Council, July 28, 1775: Read and concurred.

Ordered, That Colonel Orne, Colonel Cushing, Mr˙ Greenleaf, Captain Batchelder, and Mr˙ Partridge, be a Committee to devise means for the immediate payment to those Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers who have not received their Advance Pay.