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General Orders


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, August 9, 1775.

(Parole, Rochester.)

(Countersign, Plymouth.)

The commanding officer of each Regiment or Corps is to send a return at orderly time, to-morrow, to the Adjutant-General, of the number of tents or boards which are wanted to cover the men, that they may be provided as soon as possible. They are also to give in the names of such of their men who neither have received blankets, or who lost them in the engagement on Bunker' s Hill.

As there are several vacancies in the different Regiments, if there are any particular gentlemen who signalized themselves in the action on Bunker' s Hill, by their spirited behaviour and good conduct, and of which sufficient proof is adduced to the General, he will, in filling up the commissions, use his endeavours to have them appointed (if not already commissioned) to some office, or promoted if they are; as it will give him infinite pleasure at all times to reward merit, wherever it is to be found.

Colonel Learned' s Regiment to join Gen˙ Thomas' s Brigade, and Col˙ Huntington' s to join General Spencer' s Brigade.

Captain Ballard, of Colonel Frye' s Regiment, tried by the late General Court-Martial, for "profane swearing, and for beating and abusing his men." The Court find the prisoner guilty in two instances of profane swearing, and of beating his men; and therefore sentence him to pay a fine of four shillings for each offence.

Captain Jesse Sounders, of Col˙ Sergeant' s Regiment, tried by the late General Court-Martial, for "frequently drawing more provisions than he had men in his Company to consume; for forcing the sentry, and taking away a gun, the property of William Turner, and threatening the life of Sergeant Connor, cocking and presenting his gun at him when in the execution of his duty." The Court are unanimously of opinion that the prisoner is guilty of the whole of the charge exhibited against him, and unanimously adjudge that he be forthwith cashiered. The General approves the above sentences, and orders them to be put in immediate execution.

To-morrow, the Rules and Articles, formed by the Honourable the Continental Congress for the government of the Troops of the twelve United Colonies, will be delivered out, to be distributed through the several corps of the Army. They are to be signed by the several officers of each Regiment, beginning with the Colonels, and then by the soldiers, in the blank leaves left for that purpose; and after they are so subscribed, they are to be deposited with the Captain of each Company. If there are any officers or soldiers who refuse to sign them, their names, and the Companies and Regiments to which they respectively belong, are to be reported to the Commander-in-Chief, without delay.

Mr˙ John Goddard is appointed by the Commander-in-Chief, Wagon-Master General to the Army of the twelve United Colonies, and is to be obeyed as such.