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Message from the Lieutenant Governour


Die Jovis, 10 ho˙, A˙ M˙, the 23d March, 1775.

A Message from his Honour the Lieutenant-Governour, by Mr˙ Bayard, Deputy Secretary, which being read, is in the words following, viz:

GENTLEMEN: You will see, with just indignation, from the Papers I have ordered to be laid before you, the dangerous state of anarchy and confusion which has lately arisen in Cumberland County, as well as the little respect which has been paid to the provisions of the Legislature, at their last sessions, for suppressing the disorders which have for some time greatly disturbed the Northeastern Districts of the County of Albany, and part of the County of Charlotte.

You are called upon, gentlemen, by every motive of duty, prudence, policy, and humanity, to assist me in applying the remedy proper for a case so dangerous and alarming.

The negligence of Government will ever produce a contempt of authority, and by fostering a spirit of disobedience, compel, in the sequel, to greater severity. It will therefore be found to be not only true benevolence, but also real frugality, to resist those enormities at their commencement; and I am persuaded, from your known regard to the dignity of Government, and your humanity to the distressed, that you will readily strengthen the hands of civil authority, and enable me to extend the succour and support which are necessary for the relief and protection of his Majesty' s suffering and obedient subjects, the vindication of the honour, and the promotion of the peace and felicity of the Colony.


New-York, March 23, 1775.

Ordered, That the said Message, and the Papers attending the same, be referred to the consideration of a Committee of the Whole House.