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Accounts of James Rice, for fitting out the brig Defence


Wednesday, May 23, 1776.

At a meeting of the Governour and Council of Safety at Hartford:

Present: His Honour the Governour, the Deputy Govenrour, Colonel Dyar, Colonel Huntington, William Williams, Nathaniel Wales, Jedediah Elderkin, Benjamin Huntington, Esquires.


Mr˙ James Rice, one of the Committee for fitting the Colony Brig Defence, and for building the Row-Galley, at New-Haven, presented his Accounts to be settled, &c˙, as voted by the lower House, &c.

It being so large and numerous, this Board cannot at this time go through with the examination, and consider and order that an Order be drawn on the Pay-Table for seven hundred Pounds in his favour, and refer the full settlement of his Account to another opportunity; he to attend it at Lebanon. An Order is drawn accordingly, viz:

"To the Committee of the Pay-Table:

"GENTLEMEN: Please to draw on the Treasurer in favour of Mr˙ James Rice, of New-Haven, for the sum of seven hundred Pounds, to be considered and allowed on settlement of his Account exhibited for fitting the Colony Brig Defence, and building, &c˙, a Row-Galley, at New-Haven, not having time fully to settle and adjust said Accounts, and charge accordingly.

"By order of the Governour and Council of Safety:


"Hartford, May 22, 1776."

Delivered him present.