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Committee of Safety directed to lay before the House an account of the preparations made for the defence of the Colony, Committee on the Memorial of the Committee of Safety


Upon motion, Resolved, That the Committee of Safety be directed to lay before this House, as soon as possible, an account of the preparations of every kind already made or now making by them for the defence of this Colony.

Ordered, That Michael Hillegas, Esq˙, Treasurer, lay before this House an account of the Money issued by the Resolves of the Assembly, which has been drawn out of his hands by orders from the Assembly and Committee of Safety, and what sum yet remains unexpended.

Resolved, That the sum of seventeen Shillings per week be allowed to each of the Officers in the pay of this Province for their subsistence in the Recruiting service from the date of their Instructions until the time of their arrival at their proper stations.

The House adjourned to three o' clock in the afternoon.

The House met pursuant to adjournment.

Resolved, That the pay of the Officers in the service of this Province commence from the date of their instructions for inlisting men.

Resolved, That John McGowan be appointed Adjutant to one of the Battalions in the Rifle Regiment of the forces in the pay of this Province.

The House, taking into consideration the several applications for the vacancy in the Rifle Regiment,

Resolved, That George Wert be appointed a First Lieutenant in the said Rifle Regiment, in the room of Jacob Young, who hath resigned.

Resolved, That Joseph Jacquet be appointed a Second Lieutenant in the said Regiment, in the room of George Wert, promoted.

Resolved, That Luke Broadhead be appointed a Third Lieutenant in the said Regiment, in the room of Joseph Jacquet, promoted.

The House, resuming the consideration of the Memorial of the Commiitee of Safety, presented in the morning,

Ordered, That, Mr˙ Potts, Mr˙ Roberts, Mr˙ Rodman, Mr˙ Wynkoop, Mr˙ Foulke, Mr˙ Chapman, Mr˙ Twyning, Mr˙ Brown, Mr˙ Jenks, Mr˙ Pearson, Mr˙ Humphreys, Mr˙ Pennock, Mr˙ Pyle, Mr˙ Porter, Mr˙ Galbreath, Mr˙ Ewing, Mr˙ Eddy, Mr˙ Rankin, Mr˙ Hodge, Mr˙ Whitehill, Mr˙ Chreist, Mr˙ Holler, Mr˙ Lesher, Mr˙ Kachlein, Mr˙ James Allen, Mr˙ Arndt, Mr˙ Potter, with the Speaker, be a Committee to inquire into the conduct of the Committee of Safety respecting the charge made against them by the Captains of the armed boats, and other matters relative to the engagement between the said armed boats and the King' s ships in the River Delaware.

Resolved, That Jacob Laverswyler, John Doye, and Frederick Malineux, be, and they are hereby, appointed Quartermasters to the three Battalions in the pay of this Province,

The House adjourned to ten o' clock to-morrow morning.