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Notice from the General Post-Office, New-York



General Post-Office, New-York, December 25, 1775.

Whereas, the Provincial Convention at Annapolis has passed a Resolve, "That the Parliamentary Post (as they are pleased to term it) shall not be permitted to suffer or travel in, or pass through that Province with any mail, packages, or letters;" and, in consequence of that Resolve, have taken His Majesty' s mall from the Post-Office at Baltimore, with the letters contained therein. The Committee at Philadelphia having also taken the mail containing all the last packet letters to the Southward, opened many of them, to the great hurt of individuals; and signified to the Postmaster their intention of stopping all others for the future; and other of His Majesty' s mails having been taken and obstructed, notice is hereby given to the publick, that the Deputy Postmaster-General is obliged, for the present, to stop all the Posts. They are also hereby desired to take notice, that for the safety of the letters coming by the next or any future packet, they will be kept on board, and the names of those who shall have letters will be advertised, that they may either apply themselves, or write to their friends in this city to take them up. An order in writing from the person to whom any letters may be directed will be necessary.