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Captain Bedell


Gave Captain Bedell the following orders:

SIR: You are directed to proceed immediately to Northumberland or Lancaster, with your company, or such part thereof as you think proper, and there, in conjunction with the inhabitants, erect a garrison in such a place as you, with their advice, shall judge most suitable, sufficient for defence against small-arms; and when that is completed, to assist in building garrisons in such other places on the frontiers as you, with the advice of the inhabitants, shall judge most necessary; sending out such scouts from time to time for intelligence as you shall think expedient; and also to take charge of all such provisions as may be sent you, and cause the same properly to be delivered to the soldiers of your and other companies that may be posted by the Congress or this Committee on Connecticut River, and purchase beef and bread, &c˙, as may be requisite, and return your accounts to this Committee for their allowance and payment; and also to use your utmost endeavours to gain and keep the friendship of the Indians, by small donations, &c˙; and if any thing of importance should occur, to send information thereof to this Committee by immediate expresses; and to take up and examine any person you may suspect of attempting to cross the country to Canada with a design to hurt the cause of America; and if, after examination, you are satisfied of such design, that you secure him or them, and send them down here for trial; and to use your discretion with regard to any others who evidently appear to be inimical to the liberties of America. In case of any attack upon any of the inhabitants in those parts to whom you can possibly afford assistance, you are to do if without delay.

By order of the Committee;

WM˙ WRIPPLE, Chairman pro tem.