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James Cuyler to James Duane



Albany, December 9th, 1776.

DEAR SIR: Colonel Van Schaack has returned to the Committee of Arrangement Mr˙ Van Valkenbrugh amongst the number that declined to serve. Mr˙ Van Valkenbrugh is now here, and has requested me to write you, and begs his name may not be taken off the arrangement, and in the company he was fixed to, and that he now has consent from his parents. I think him a very fine young fellow, and should be sorry to lose him. He also assures me that Mr˙ Samuel Thorn will accept. He has received a letter from him. Mr˙ Henry Devandorph, who was given up to us as indifferent, has, since we were at Saratoga, done some very extraordinary services. This I have from Colonel Van Schaack; and I believe he will make a good officer. He is full of spirit and pride I know, and from what I can learn, he is sorry for the offence he has given some time ago to one of his Field Officers.

I am, sir, your most obedient,


To the Honourable James Duane, Fishkill.