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Letter from General Wooster to General Schuyler


Montreal, February 21, 1776.

SIR: The Paymaster has arrived, but has brought nothing but paper money. Our flour is nearly expended; we have not more than enough for the army one week. We can purchase no provisions or wood, or pay for transporting of any thing, without hard cash. We are now not able to pay half the debts we owe the country people. Our credit sinks daily: all the provisions and wood that we want for the army, for two or three months to come, must be purchased and transported to camp by the middle of March; after that time there will probably be no passing for a month or six weeks; these things, therefore, must be provided immediately, or the consequence will be dreadful. I have, therefore, sent Mr˙ Cole (a young gentleman from Quebeck, who I have employed as a Secretary) on purpose to hasten the forwarding of specie, as a few days may be of infinite consequence.

I am, sir, your most obedient and very humble servant,