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Orders by General Washington



Head-Quarters, Cambridge, November 29, 1775.

(Parole, Guilford.) (Countersign, Allen.)

Captain Towns, of Colonel Woodbridge' s Regiment, tried at a late General Court-Martial, whereof Colonel Woodbridge was President, for "behaving in an unofficerlike manner, in suffering a prisoner to escape who was charged with an intent to steal." The Court were unanimously of opinion, that the prisoner is guilty of behaving unbecoming an officer, by declining to obey the orders of the Quartermaster-General, in not assisting to seize a soldier suspected of theft, and for suffering the said soldier grossly to abuse Colonel Mifflin, and therefore adjudge the prisoner to be reprimanded by his Colonel, at the head of the Regiment, in the presence of Colonel Mifflin; and also adjudge that he pay a fine of three Pounds, to be appropriated according to the 51st article of the Rules and Regulations of the Army.