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Committee of Brownfield to the Massachusetts Congress



Brownfield, May 16, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: There are five or six families of Indians hunting at Androscoggin, about twenty-five miles north of my house. Several of the women and youngsters were at my house last week; one of them expressed much concern about the times; said their men could not hunt, eat, nor sleep; keep calling together every night; courting, courting, courting every night, all night. O, strange Englishmen kill one, another. I think the world is coming to an end. Mrs˙ Brown asked which side they would fight. Answered, why should, we fight for t' other country, for we never see t' other country; our hunting is in this country. One of them said her brother was a Colonel; she wished she could see him; she would tell him not to fight for t' other country, but to fight for this country. One of the party is gone to Canada. They wanted powder, but got none. Some of them were painted; and as it was the first time they came in paint, it surprised some of our women. I thought it best you should know of their concern and uneasiness, and that one was gone to Canada. The bearer, Mr˙ Holt, is used to the woods; has been a


hunting this spring where they are; if necessary will go to them.

At this day it appears to me to be necessary for every man to be supplied with arms, fee. We have in this Town ten guns, shot, twenty pounds of powder, and half a hundred of lead. James Holt, James Haywood, and myself, are a Committee in behalf of this Town, and was to provide every thing necessary. I have been to Portsmouth to purchase, but could not; my business called me immediately home. Now Mr˙ Holt sets out, to apply to you for relief. If he can be supplied, we will stand accountable, and stand ready to serve our Country. The bearer has served long in the last war; was at Nova-Scotia in 1755; was in the siege at Fort Bosajure; has given repeated evidence he can stand fire, and is now ready to serve his Country, if required. I am, gentlemen, your most obedient humble servant,