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Watertown, June 10, 1776,

OnMonday, the 3d instant, one of the Continental frigates, of twenty-four guns, built atNewburyport, under the direction of the HonourableThomas Cushing, Esquire, was launched in view of a great number of spectators: she is highly approved of by all who are judges, as a very fine ship; she is built with the very best of timber, and the workmanship is complete.

Tuesday last arrived safe atNewburyport a sloop fromTortola and a schooner fromBarbadoes, as prizes, taken by CaptainO' Brien, in one of this Colony' s cruizers, who was left in chase of a ship when the above prizes parted with him.

Thursday last was sent intoCape-Anne a largeJamaica-man, with five hundred hogsheads of sugar, besides other valuable goods, and a large sum in specie. She was taken by one of the Continental cruisers, who put the Captain, his lady, and all the hands (which did not voluntarily enter on board the cruiser) ashore atNew-Providence. The prize-master of the ship, on his passage from theWest-Indies, met with aScotch vessel of force, with ninety soldiers, bound forBoston, on board of which he breakfasted, and told theScotch Captain he was destined fromJamaica forLondon,


but as he thought sugars would bear a better price atBoston, he had thoughts of trying that market first. TheScotchman being a stranger to this coast desired the prizemaster to pilot him in, which he agreed to, and conducted him almost intoCape-Anne, when he, observing two of our privateers appearing in sight, discovered the trap, and being considerably to the windward, made the best of his way off.

Friday last CaptainDanielWaters, in company with aMarblehead privateer, took a large ship, fromScotland, having on board ninety-four Highlanders, between thirty and forty sailors for the Ministerial fleet, and forty pieces of cannon, four and six pounders, besides six mounted on deck, &c. TheMarblehead privateer took sixty of the soldiers on board and carried them toPlymouth. CaptainWaters, with the prize and remainder, arrived safe atMarblehead onSaturday. It is said this is the ship mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

We hear another ship, with troops, which sailed fromGlasgow in company with the above, is lost, and every soul perished.