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Pilots of the Port


Ordered, That the Pilots of this City do not go on board of any Vessels with Troops on board; but that any Pilot who may discover any Vessel with Troops on board do immediately give intelligence thereof to this Congress or to the Committees of the City of New-York, and to the Inhabitants, with the utmost expedition; and that Mr˙ Beekman and Mr˙ Yates be a Committee to give directions to the Pilots for that purpose, and direct the Pilots to keep this order secret.

Henry Glenn, Esq˙, produced to this Congress the Note of Abraham Ten Broeck, Esq˙, dated the 2d of June last, to Abraham Lott, Esq˙, or his order, for the sum of seven hundred Pounds, with a receipt endorsed thereon for the whole amount, received of the said Henry Glenn, dated this day, and signed Andrew Lolt, Deputy Treasurer. The said Note is given to Mr˙ Glenn, for the use of Abraham Ten Broeck.

Christopher Tappen, Esq˙, produced to this Congress the Note of Egbert Dumond, Esq˙, dated the 12th July last, to Abraham Lott, Esq˙, or his order, for four hundred and twenty-eight Pounds, received in an order on the Loan Officers of Ulster County, with a receipt endorsed thereon, signed by Andrew Lolt, Deputy-Treasurer, for the amount of the said Note, this day received of the said Christopher Tappen. The said Note is given to Mr˙ Tappen, for the use of Egbert Dumond.


David Clarkson, Esq˙, produced to this Congress his Note to Abraham Lott, Esq˙, Treasurer of this Colony, dated the 2d day of June last, for the sum of two hundred Pounds, borrowed by order and for the use of this Congress, and at that time delivered to Dirck Swartz, for the publick services, in removing Cannon and Stores from Ticonderoga, and disbursements attending the same. Mr˙ Clarkson also delivered in Swartz' s receipt for the said two hundred Pounds, dated on the said 2d day of June last, which is filed with the Secretaries.

A Letter from the Rev˙ Samuel Kirkland, recommending an Indian, the bearer thereof, for money, was read.

Ordered, That the said Letter be returned to the bearer, and that he be referred to the Continental Commissioners for Indian Affairs.

Captain Hutchinson, Captain of a Company of Minute-Men in Haverstraw Precinct, attending at the door, was


admitted. He informed that he had formerly taken up three Deserters from Captain Robert Johnston' s Company, who were not then sent up to the Regiment because they were sick. That they are now recovered and fit for duty, and he requests to be directed what shall be done with them. Captain Hutchinson was directed to send them to the new Fortifications in the Highlands as soon as he shall hear that any Company of the Continental Troops are there.

Ordered, That a proper Shed be built in or near the Barracks yard, to deposite the Artillery of the Colony.

And it is also Ordered, That Mr˙ Anthony Griffiths be, and he is hereby appointed a Commissary, to purchase Stores necessary for the Cannon of the two Artillery Companies, and that he superintend the building of the said Shed.