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Committee on Letter from General Washington of January 11


Monday, January 22, 1776.

A Letter from General Washington, of the 11th of January, 1776; two Letters from Lord Stirling, of the 18th and 19th of January; one Letter from General Schuyler, dated 10th January, enclosing a Letter from General Montgomery, of the 18th December, 1775, and eleven enclosures; also, a Petition from John Sparling, being received, were read.

Resolved, That the above be referred to a Committee of Three.

The Members chosen, Mr˙ W˙ Livingston, Mr˙ Hooper, and Mr˙ Adams.

Ordered, That as the Commissary of the First Pennsylvania Battalion is out of Town, the Quartermaster of said Battalion be directed to furnish the Companies of said Battalion, on their march to Albany, with Provisions as well as Lodgings.

Resolved, That the President be empowered to employ a Secretary, to be paid by the United Colonies.

The Committee of Claims reported, that there is due,

To Colonel Benedict Arnold, on account of his expenses in his expedition against Ticonderoga and Crown-Point, a balance amounting to 819 Dollars.

Ordered, That the same be paid to Silas Deane, Esq.

Resolved, That orders be sent to the Committee of Trenton to send General Prescott and Captain Chace, under a Guard, to Philadelphia.

Resolved, That a Committee of Three be appointed to consider a proper method of paying a just tribute of gratitude to the memory of General Montgomery.

The Members chosen, Mr˙ Livingston, Doctor Franklin, and Mr˙ Hooper.

The Congress proceeded to the election of Field-Officers for the Second Canadian Regiment, and Moses Hazen, Esq˙, was unanimously elected Colonel-commandant; Edward Antill, Esq˙, Lieutenant-Colonel.

Resolved, That the United Colonies will indemnify Colonel Hazen for any loss of half-pay he may sustain in consequence of his entering into their service.

Resolved, That the appointment of Majors, Captains, and Subaltern and Staff-Officers in the said Regiment, be left to the Commander-in-chief in Canada, with the advice of the General Officers in that country, and of Colonel Hazen, Lieutenant-Colonel Antill, and Mr˙ Price.

The Congress resumed the consideration of Colonel Bull' s application for leave to resign his commission; which, being read, was accepted.

The Congress then proceeded to the election of a Colonel for the said First Pennsylvania Battalion, in the room of Colonel Bull, when John Philip De Hass was elected.

The Congress took into consideration the Report of the Committee on Indian Affairs, and the same being read, was referred till to-morrow.

A Memorial from Captain Duncan Campbell, a prisoner in the Jail of Philadelphia, being read,

Resolved, That the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania be directed to release Captain Campbell on his parole, similar with that of the other Officers.

That Captain Campbell have leave to reside at Lancaster,


Application being made in behalf of Lieutenant McDonald, for leave to come to Philadelphia, and remain there five days, in order to transact some necessary business,

Resolved, That the same be granted.

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.