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Committee of Safety for Connecticut



At a meeting of the Governour, &c˙, Monday, July 24, 1775, by adjournment. Present:

His Honour the Governour; the Hon˙ M˙ Griswold, esq˙, Jabez Huntington, esq˙, Samuel Huntington, esq˙, William Williams, Nathaniel Wales, Jedediah Elderkin, Joshua West, and Benjamin Huntington, Esq.

His Honour the Governour laid before us a large number of Letters received from various quarters, relating to the great subject matter of the unnatural civil war, &c. A Post (Judd) also, now came in with a Letter from General Schuyler at Ticonderoga, among other things informing that our Troops there were destitute of Tents, &c˙, and that they may be had at New-York.

On consideration thereof, and that they cannot be furnished without great difficulty and delay in this Colony, advised that his Honour the Governour be desired to write the Congress at New-York, to provide and send a suitable number of Tents for Colonel Hinman' s Regiment, and send them forward to Ticonderoga.

On motion, that there is about two thousand barrels of Flour at Norwich, sent by the Continental Congress for the use of the Army near Boston, for which the freight has been paid by Colonel Jedediah Huntington, &c˙, and is desired by General Washington to be sent forward for the use of said Army, &c˙,

Voted, That the expense of the freight and transportation of said Flour, be paid and advanced out of the Colony Treasury; and that the Committee of the Pay Table be ordered to draw on the Treasurer in favour of such persons, and for such sums as shall be ordered by his Honour the Governour for the purposes aforesaid; keeping a proper account thereof.

The affair of the two armed Vessels, (being a principal occasion of this meeting,) was taken up and largely discussed. Letters received from a number of gentlemen, from New-Haven, Middletown, Wethersfield, &c˙, relating to it, read, &c. Captain Deshon, Mr˙ Shaw, and Captain Giles Hall were present on that account, and discoursed with, &c˙, and they retired. And on further consideration, &c˙, this Council are of opinion and do resolve, that William Williams and Nathaniel Wales, Esqrs˙, together with Captain Deshon and Captain Hall, be a Committee to Norwich, New-London, and by the sea-coast to New-Haven, and to Middletown, Hartford, &c˙, to inquire after and find out proper and suitable Vessels for the purpose; the terms on which they may be had; the proper manning of them; the terms on which officers and men may be had, &c.; and give proper directions for preparing Carriages for the Cannon at New-Haven, which may be wanted, and what may be proper and necessary, &C.; and thereof to make report to this Council on Wednesday the 2d of August next, to which time this Council is to be adjourned.

On a request from General Washington, signified by his Letters, &c˙,

Voted, That his Honour the Governour be desired and advised to give orders to the Colonels of the Seventh and Eighth Regiments, to march their Troops as soon as they


possibly can be prepared, either in whole or in part companies, at their discretion, with necessary officers, to the Camp near Boston, to be under the proper regulation of the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.

And adjourned to Wednesday, 2d of August next, at 9 o' clock, A˙ M.