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To the Publick



Being sensible of my political errors, induced me to address my fellow-citizens a few days ago, with a declaration of my sincere sorrow, that my past conduct and unguarded expressions had given them such offence. Am very desirous to give them every reasonable assurance of my political principles, and hereby further declare, that I do most heartily and sincerely approve of the measures hitherto pursued, and now pursuing, by the publick, to oppose the claims of the British Parliament. I also acknowledge that I am now sincerely sorry for having lately accepted a commission to act as a Magistrate in this town; I solemnly engage that I will not act any longer in that capacity, nor in any other respect that may give offence to my countrymen. I flatter myself that this declaration, with a correspondent conduct, will entitle me to the same candour and humanity from the publick, which I have already experienced from the gentlemen of the Committee.

I remain your most obedient, humble servant,


Baltimore, June 17, 1775.

True Entries of the Proceedings of the Committee, from the 19th day of May, to the 19th day of June, inclusive.