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Major Deakins to Richard Ridgely



George-Town, December 18th, 1776.

DEAR SIR: The bearer, Mr˙ John Youst, who has contracted with the Council of Safety for a number of muskets, now waits on them for cash to enable him to carry on his business. He has employed a number of hands, and is now in a good way of doing much work, if he is properly assisted with cash, without which he cannot go on; and you may assure the Council he is a man much to be depended on, and will not deceive them. I have been in his shop, and find him well prepared, as far as I can judge, to carry on the business extensively.

I wrote you some time past for commissions for the officers in a Militia company in the Twenty-Ninth Battalion, and they have not yet come to hand; therefore please send


them by the bearer, and you will much oblige, dear sir, your humble servant,


To Mr˙ Richard Ridgely, Clerk of the Council of Safety, Annapolis.

Since writing the above, Colonel Murdock has received orders from Brigadier-General Johnson to call a meeting of the Twenty-Ninth Battalion, and hold them in readiness till further orders, to march to Philadelphia; and as the said battalion have very few effective arms, Colonel Murdock requests you will represent to the Council that Mr˙ Youst has fifty-three of the publick arms finished, which he would like to have orders for from the Council to receive.