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Letters from the Agents in England


The House met.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Fisher and Mr˙ Wetherill do wait upon his Excellency and acquaint him that a sufficient number of Members to constitute a House are met, and are ready to receive any thing he may please to lay before them.

Mr˙ Speaker laid before the House a Letter to him from William Bollan, Benjamin Franklin, and Arthur Lee, Esquires, dated London, December 24, 1774; which was read.

Mr˙ Speaker also laid before the House a Letter to him from the Honourable John Cruger, Esquire, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Province of New-York, enclosing their Petition to the King, the Memorial to the House of Lords, and a Representation to the House of Commons, a List of Grievances, and the Resolutions entered into by the General Assembly there, on the eighth of March last; all which were read.

Mr˙ Fisher reported that Mr˙ Wetherill and himself waited upon his Excellency with the message of the House according to order, and that his Excellency was pleased to say that the House should hear from him to-morrow morning.

The House adjourned till 9 o' clock to-morrow morning.