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Correspondence between Captain Wallace and Town Council of Newport, Rhode-Island


[No˙ 9.] Newport, November 17, 1775.

SIR: Mr˙ Christopher Champlin, contractor for victualling the ships here, this day informed the Council that he has now in his possession seventeen barrels of sailed pork, and five casks of calivance, which he bought in June last, for the use of the ships here, under the command of Captain Wallace. And he informs us that he some time since informed Captain Wallace that he had such provisions bought for his service, but, as affairs were, he could not deliver them to him; and he therefore now informs the Council thereof, that they may act therein as they may judge fit. Whereupon, we recommend it that said provisions may be delivered to Captain Wallace, for his ships' use, as he says he has already charged them, and that his accounts are closed. We therefore, if it be agreeable, request that you will give orders for the delivery thereof.

Signed by order and in behalf of the Town Council of Newport:

Sir, your most obedient humble servant,

WM˙ CODDINGTON, Council Clerk.

To Ezek Hopkins, Esq˙, Brigadier-General of the Forces in this Colony.