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Letter from General Gage to the Earl of Dartmouth


It is a singular fact that the first intelligence of the capture of Ticonderoga was communicated to General Gage through a letter from Doctor Joseph Warren to Mr˙ John Scollay, dated May 17th, at Watertown, just one month before he was slain at Bunker' s-Hill. A copy of the letter was procured by General Gage, and sent by turn to Lord Dartmouth. The following is an extract:

Thus a war is begun, which I have frequently said to you and others would, if not timely prevented, overturn the British Empire; but I hope, after a full conviction both of our ability and resolution to maintain our rights, Britain will act with that wisdom which is so absolutely necessary for her preservation; this I most heartily wish, as I feel a warm affection still for the Parent State." Spark' s Washington, Vol˙ 3, p˙ 510.