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Letter from General Gates to Colonel Hartley



Tyonderoga, September 9, 1776.

SIR: I have just now received your letter of last night, and am entirely at a loss what to believe in regard to the fleet. Your conjecture of the firing on Thursday being at or near the White-House, is the most probable, as it was a


post the enemy were not unlikely to endeavour to possess. I cannot think it possible any accident could have happened to the whole fleet, so as to cut off their communication with us, and if any extraordinary blow has been struck by either side, General Arnold would have sent a report. I exceedingly approve of your vigilance to get intelligence, and am certain you will send me the earliest, you can procure of every thing that has passed upon the Lake.

Enclosed is all the news I know. Neither General Schuyler nor myself have had a line from General Washington. I shall give you the first authentick account I receive.

I am, deaf sir, your roost obedient, humble servant,


To Lieutenant-Colonel Hartley.

P˙ S˙ Pray send the oar-cutters, with all their oars, as soon as possible.