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List of the Field-Officers of the Militia


The following is a List of the Field-Officers of the several Regiments of Militia in this Colony, as chosen by the House the present Session, viz:

For the County of SUFFOLK.

Boston Regiment.

First Regiment: William Mclntosh, Colonel; Eleazer Weld, Lieutenant-Colonel; Aaron Guild, First Major; Abijah Draper, Second Major.

Second Regiment: Solomon Lovell, Colonel; David Cushing, Lieutenant-Colonel, Thomas Lothrop, First Major; Isaiah Cushing, Second Major.

Third Regiment: Benjamin Gill, Colonel; Samuel Pierce, Lieutenant-Colonel; Joseph Badcock, First Major; Elijah Hewins, Second Major.

Fourth Regiment: Ephraim Wheelock, Colonel; Benjamin Hawes, Lieutenant-Colonel; James Melcalf, First Major; Seth Bullard, Second Major.

Fifth Regiment: Joseph Palmer, Colonel; Jonathan Bass, Lieutenant-Colonel; Edmund Soper, First Major; Ebenezer Thayer, Second Major.

For the County of ESSEX.

First Regiment: Timothy Pickering, Colonel; John Flagg, Lieutenant-Colonel; Joseph Sprague, First Major; David Parker, Second Major.

Second Regiment: Jonathan Titcomb, Colonel; Henry Morril, Lieutenant-Colonel; Ralph Cross, Jun˙, First Major; Winthrop Merril, Second Major.

Third Regiment: Jonathan Cogswell, Jun˙, Colonel; Isaac Dodge, Lieutenant-Colonel; Charles Smith, First Major; Joseph Gould, Second Major.

Fourth Regiment: Samuel Johnson, Colonel; John Whittier, Lieutenant-Colonel; Asa Perly, First Major; Samuel Bodwell, Second Major.

Fifth Regiment: Jonathan Glover, Colonel; Thomas Gerry, Lieutenant-Colonel; Joshua Orne, First Major; Nicholas Broughton, Second Major.

Sixth Regiment.

Seventh Regiment.

Eighth Regiment: Henry Herrick, Colonel; Jeremiah Page, Lieutenant-Colonel; Archelaus-Fuller, First Major; Samuel Epes, Second Major.

For the County of MIDDLESEX.

First Regiment: Samuel Thatcher, Colonel; Benjamin Hammond, Lieutenant-Colonel; Samuel Barnard, First Major; John Gardner, Second Major.

Second Regiment: Jonathan Fose, Colonel; Benjamin Brown, Lieutenant-Colonel; Timothy Walker, First Major; Joseph Bryant, Second Major.

Third Regiment: James Barret, Colonel (2); Bradyl Smith, Lieutenant-Colonel (3); Eleazer Brooks, First Major; Francis Faulkner, Second Major (5).

Fourth Regiment: Henry Gardner, Colonel; Ezekiel Howe, Lieutenant-Colonel; Jonathan Hapgood, First Major; Cyprian Howe, Second Major.

Fifth Regiment: Samuel Bullard, Colonel; Micah Stone, Lieutenant-Colonel; Abner Perry, First Major; John Trowbridge, Second Major.

Sixth Regiment: Oliver Prescott, Colonel (12); Jonathan Reed, Lieutenant-Colonel (13); Josiah Sartel, First Major (15); Jonathan Minot, Second Major (15).

Seventh Regiment: Simeon Spaulding, Colonel; William Thompson, Lieutenant-Colonel; William Hildreth, First Major; Ebenezer Bancroft, Second Major.

For the County ofHAMPSIRE.

First Regiment; Charles Pyncheon, Colonel; John Bliss, Lieutenant-Colonel; William Pyncheon, First Major; Jonathan Hale, Second Major.

Second Regiment: Seth Pomeroy, Colonel; John Dickenson, Lieutenant-Colonel; Ezra May, First Major; Jonathan Clap, Second Major.

Third Regiment: John Mosely, Colonel; Timothy Robinson, Lieutenant-Colonel; Benjamin Ely, First Major; David Leonard, Second Major.

Fourth Regiment: Samuel Howe, Colonel; Ruggles


Woodbridge, Lieutenant-Colonel; John Chester Williams, First Major; Josiah White, Second Major.

Fifth Regiment: David Field, Colonel; David Wells, Lieutenant-Colonel; Hezekiah Smith, First Major; David Dickenson, Second Major.

Sixth Regiment: Phineas Wright, Colonel; Samuel Williams, Lieutenant-Colonel; Joseph Locke, First Major; Daniel Whitmore, Second Major.

For the County of PLYMOUTH.

First Regiment; Gamaliel Bradford, Jun˙, Colonel; Thomas Lothrop, Lieutenant-Colonel; George Partridge, First Major; Seth Cushing, Second Major.

Second Regiment: Anthony Thomas, Colonel; John Cushing, Jun˙, Lieutenant-Colonel; Jeremiah Hall, First Major; Nathaniel Cushing, Second Major.

Third Regiment: Edward Mitchell, Colonel; David Jones, Lieutenant-Colonel; Simeon Cary, First Major; Eliphalet Cary, Second Major.

Fourth Regiment: Ebenezer Sprout, Colonel; Ebenezer White, Lieutenant-Colonel; Israel Ferril, First Major.

For the County of BARNSTABLE.

First Regiment: Nathaniel Freeman, Colonel; Joseph Dimmock, Lieutenant-Colonel; Joshua Gray, First Major; George Lewis, Second Major.

Second Regiment: Joseph Doan, Colonel; Elisha Cobb, Lieutenant-Colonel; Zenas Winslow, First Major; Gideon Freeman, Second Major.

For the County of BRISTOL.

First Regiment: Thomas Carpenter, Colonel; Luther Thurber, Lieutenant-Colonel; Nathan Dagger, First Major; Peleg Slead, Second Major.

Second Regiment: Edward Pope, Colonel; John Hathaway, Lieutenant-Colonel; Silvester Richmond, terlius, First Major; Joshua Hathaway, Second Major.

Third Regiment: George Williams, Colonel; Zephaniah Leonard, Lieutenant-Colonel; Abiel Mitchell, First Major; James Williams, Second Major.

Fourth Regiment: John Dagger, Colonel; Ephraim Lane, Lieutenant-Colonel; Isaac Dean, First Major; Elkanah Clap, Second Major.

For the County of YORK.

First Regiment.

Second Regiment: John Frost, Colonel; Ichabod Goodwin, Lieutenant-Colonel; Joseph Prince, First Major; John Shapleigh, Second Major.

Third Regiment: Tristram Jordan, Colonel; Joseph Storer, Lieutenant-Colonel; Thomas Cult, First Major; Jonathan Stone, Second Major.

Fourth Regiment.

For the County of DUKES-COUNTY.

First Regiment: Beriah Norton, Colonel; Melatiah Davis, Lieutenant-Colonel; Brotherton Doggel, First Major; Mayhew Adams, Second Major.

Second Regiment.

For the County of WORCESTER.

First Regiment: Samuel Denny, Colonel; Benjamin Flagg, Lieutenant-Colonel; Paul Raymond, First Major; Asa Baldwin, Second Major.

Second, Regiment: Josiah Whitney, Colonel; Ephraim Sawyer, Lieutenant-Colonel; Jonas Houghton, First Major; Ebenezer Jones, Second Major.

Third Regiment: Ezra Wood, Colonel; Joseph Chapen, Lieutenant-Colonel; Joseph Daniels, First Major; Caleb Whiling, Second Major.

Fourth Regiment: Jonathan Warner, Colonel; Joseph Gilbert, Lieutenant-Colonel; Reuben Reed, First Major; Joseph Bowman, Second Major.

Fifth Regiment: Jonathan Holman, Colonel; Daniel Plympton, Lieutenant-Colonel; William Learned, First Major; Jacob Davis, Second Major./p>

Sixth Regiment.

Seventh Regiment: Nathan Sparhawk, Colonel; Jonathan Grout, Lieutenant-Colonel; Jonas Wilder, First Major; Daniel Clap, Second Major.

Eighth Regiment: Abijah Steams, Colonel; Josiah Carter, Lieutenant-Colonel; John Rand, First Major; Ebenezer Bridge, Second Major.


For the County of CUMBERLAND.

First Regiment: John Waite, Colonel; Peter Noyes, Lieutenant-Colonel; Nathaniel Jordan, First Major; William Frost, Second Major.

Second Regiment: Jonathan Mitchell, Colonel; Nathaniel Purrington, Lieutenant-Colonel; Charles Gerrish, First Major; Nathaniel Larabee, Second Major.

Third Regiment: Reuben Fogg, Colonel; Richard Lombard, Lieutenant-Colonel; Timothy McDaniel, First Major; Ephraim Row, Second Major.

Fourth Regiment: Timothy Pike, Colonel; Moses Merril, Lieutenant-Colonel; William Knight, First Major; Samuel Mathews, Second Major.

For the County of LINCOLN.

First Regiment: Samuel McCobb, Colonel; Samuel Harnden, Lieutenant-Colonel (10); Dummer Sewall, First Major (11); James Hunter, Second Major.

Second Regiment: Joseph North, Colonel; William Howard, Lieutenant-Colonel; Ezekiel Pettee, First Major; Rowland Cushing, Second Major.

Third Regiment: William Jones, Colonel; Edward Emerson, Lieutenant-Colonel (6); John Farley, First Major; Moses Davis, Second Major.

Fourth Regiment: Moses Wheaton, Colonel; William Farnsworth, Lieutenant-Colonel; James Minot, First Major; Sands Robinson, Second Major.

Fifth Regiment: Jonathan Buck, Colonel; Matthew Patten, Lieutenant-Colonel; Edmund Moore, First Major; Jonathan Buck, Jun˙, Second Major.

Sixth Regiment: Benjamin Foster, Colonel; Alexander Campbell, Lieutenant-Colonel; Samuel Jordan, First Major; Francis Shaw, Jun˙, Second Major.

For the County of BERKSHIRE.

First Regiment: Mark Hopkins, Colonel; Aaron Root, Lieutenant-Colonel; Giles Jackson, First Major; Jacob Brown, Second Major.

Second Regiment: Benjamin Symonds, Colonel; Jonathan Smith, Lieutenant-Colonel; David Rosseler, First Major; Caleb Hyde, Second Major.

Note. — The figures annexed to the names of some persons in the foregoing list show that they have been elected to other offices, or declined accepting their appointment, or were non-concurred by the Council, as will appear by the Journals, and refer, respectively, to the following gentlemen, who have been elected in their room, viz:

1. John Gray,
2. Eleazer Brooks,
3. Francis Faulkner,
4. Nathaniel Barret,
5. Samuel Lamson,
6. Andrew Reed,
7. Nicholas Holt,
8. Silas Bayley,
9. Ebenezer Jones,
10. Dummer Sewall,
11. John Elews,
12. Jonathan Reed,
13. Josiah Sartel,
14. Jonathan Minot,
15. Samuel Stone,
16. Joseph Gilbert,
17. Enoch Hallet,
18. Joseph Dimmick.

The following shows the division of the Militia of each County into Regiments, and the rank of each Regiment, as ordered by the honourable Council:


Boston Regiment. — Boston, to be called the Boston Regiment, and to take rank of all the other Regiments in the County of Suffolk.

First Regiment: Roxbury, Dedham, Needham, Brookline.

Second Regiment: Weymouth, Hingham, Cohasset, Hull.

Third Regiment: Dorchester, Milton, Sioughton, Stoughtonham.

Fourth Regiment: Medfield, Wrentham, Medway, Bellingham, Walpole.

Fifth Regiment: Braintree.


First Regiment: Salem, Lynn.

Second Regiment: Newburyport, Salisbury, Amesbury.

Third Regiment: Ipswich, Topsfield, Wenham.

Fourth Regiment: Haverhill, Andover, Bradford, Boxford, Methuen.

Fifth Regiment: Marblehead.

Sixth Regiment: Gloucester, Manchester.


Seventh Regiment: Newbury, Rowley.

Eighth Regiment: Beverly, Danvers, Middleton.


First Regiment: Cambridge, Charlestown, Watertown, Newton, Malden, Medford, Waltlham.

Second Regiment: Woburn, Reading, Wilmington, Stoneham.

Third Regiment: Concord, Lexington, Weston, Acton, Lincoln.

Fourth Regiment: Sudbury, Marlborough, Stow.

Fifth Regiment: Framingham, Sherburne, Hopkington, Nalick, Hulliston.

Sixth Regiment: Littleton, Westford, Groton, Shirley, Pepperel, Townsend, Ashby.

Seventh Regiment: Billerica, Chelmsford, Dracut, Bedford, Tewkesbury, Dunstable.


First Regiment: Springfield, Wilbraham, Brimfield, South-Brimfield, Palmer, Monson, Ludlow.

Second Regiment: Northampton, Hatfield, Whately, Williamsburgh, Chesterfield with the Gore, Southampton, Worthington, Norwich, Number-Five.

Third Regiment: West Springfield, Westfield, Southwick, Granville, Blanford, Murrayfield.

Fourth Regiment: Hadley, South-Hadley, Granby, Belchenown, Ware, Greenwich, Pelham, Amherst.

Fifth Regiment: Deerfield, Greenfield, Charlemont, with the Wards' Grant, Merryfield, Colerain, Barnardston, Shelburne, Conway, Ashfield, Hatfield, Equivalent, Number-Seven, No-Town.

Sixth Regiment: Northfield, Sunderland, Leveret, Shulesbury, New-Salem, Ervinshire, Montagu, Warwick.


First Regiment: Plymouth, Plympton, Halifax, Kingston, Duxborough.

Second Regiment: Scituate, Marshfield, Hanover, Pembroke.

Third Regiment: Bridgewater, Abington.

Fourth Regiment: Middleborough, Rochester, Wareham.


First Regiment: Barnstable, Sandwich, Yarmouth, Falmouth.

Second Regiment: Harwich, Eastham, Chatham, Wellfleet, Truro, Provincetown.


First Regiment: Rehoboth, Swanzey.

Second Regiment: Dartmouth, Freetown, Dighton, Berkley.

Third Regiment: Taunton, Easton, Raynham.

Fourth Regiment: Attleborough, Norton, Mansfield.


First Regiment: York, Sandford, the Plantations called Cox-Hall and Mossabeseck, and the first Parish in Wells.

Second Regiment: Kittery, Berwick, Lebanon.

Third Regiment: Biddeford, Arundel, Pepperelborough, Buxion, the Plantation called Little-Falls, and the second Parish in Wells.

DUKES COUNTY. — (Blank.)


First Regiment: Worcester, Leicester, Holden, Spencer, Paxton, (including the new Parish called Boogychoge.)

Second Regiment: Lancaster, Harvard, Bolton, Princeton.

Third Regiment: Mendon, Uxbridge, Northbridge, Upton, Douglass.

Fourth Regiment; Brookfield, Western, New-Braintree, Hardwick, Oakham.

Fifth Regiment: Sutton, Oxford, Slurbridge, Charlton, Dudley, (including adjacent lands lying in No-Town.)

Sixth Regiment: Southborough, Westborough, Shrewsbury, Northborough, Grafton.

Seventh Regiment: Rutland, Petersham, Hutchinson, Athol, Templeton, Winchendon, Royalston, Hubbardston.


Eighth Regiment: Lunenburgh, Leominster, Westminster, Fitchburgh, Ashburnham, (including adjacent lands lying north of Princeton.)


First Regiment: Falmouth, Cape-Elizabeth.

Second Regiment: North-Yarmouth, Brunswick, Harpswell, and the new township called Royalston.

Third Regiment: Scarborough, Gorham, and the new township called Pearsontown, and the settlements back of them.

Fourth Regiment: Windham, New-Gloucester, and the township called New-Boston, with the settlements back thereof, and the settlements back of Royalston.


First Regiment: Georgetown, Woolwich, Topsham, Bowdoinham, and the South-company in the East Precinct in the Town of Pownalborough.

Second Regiment: The North Company, in the East Precinct, in Pownalborough, and the Company in the West Precinct in said Town; the Plantation called Ball' s Town, so far east as Dyer' s River; the Plantation called Gardinerstown; the Towns of Hallowell,


Winthrop, Vassalborough, and Winslow, with the adjacent settlements on Kennebeck-River.

Third Regiment: The Third Regiment to include the Towns of Boothbay, Edgecombe, New-Castle, and Bristol, with the Plantation called Walpole, and the adjacent settlements on Damascotta-Pond.

Fourth Regiment: Waldoborough, the Plantations called St˙ Georges, Medumcook, and Camden; the Town of Belfast, with all the settlements on the western side of Penobscot-River.

Fifth Regiment: All the settlements within said County, lying between Penobscot-River and Union-River.

Sixth Regiment: All the settlements in said County between the river called Union and St˙ Croix.


First Regiment: Sheffield, Great-Barrington, Egremont, New-Marlborough, Sandisfield, Tyringham, Alford, Louden.

Second Regiment: Stockbridge, West-Stockbrldge, the Glass-Works, Lenox, Richmond, Pittsfield, Lanesborough, Jericho, Becket, Hartwood, Partridgefield, Gageborough, New-Providence, Ashawillet, Equivalent, New-Ashford, Williamstown, East-Hoosick.