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New-York Committee



The Committee met, Thursday, August 3, 1775. Present:

Isaac Low,
Peter Goelet,
Alex McDougall,
Henry Remsen,
Samuel Broome,
John Anthony,
John Lasher,
Daniel Phenix,
Hercules Mulligan,
Evert Banker,
Jacob Van Voorhies,
John De Lancey,
Gerardus Duyckinck,
Gerret Ketletas,
Lewis Pintard,
William Denning,
Nicholas Bogart,
Abraham Walton,
John Broome,
Wm˙ W˙ Ludlow,
Gabriel H˙ Ludlow,
James Beekman,
William Bedlow,
Benjamin Kissam,
John Berrian,
John Lamb,
Richard Sharpe,
Eleazer Miller,
Oliver Templeton,
Richard Yates,
William Walton,
John Morton,
William Goforth,

Mr˙ Sears and Mr˙ Berrian, who were appointed to examine the Baggage of a certain Mr˙ Sinclair, report, that they found Letters in his possession, which were produced to this Committee, declaring that he is appointed Lieutenant; Governour of Michilimackinack; and also, that a certain Mr˙ Hamilton is appointed Lieutenant-Governour of one of the Upper Governments.

Ordered, That Colonel McDougall be required to appoint a guard to attend Lieutenant-Governour Sinclair, until the pleasure of the Provincial Congress is known what further, shall be done with him.

On motion, Resolved, That a certain Mr˙ Archer, who, this Committee are informed, is the propagator of the report that the Continental Congress had passed a Resolution declaring the Colonies to be in a state of independence after the 10th of March next, unless their grievances are redressed, be sent for immediately; and that Captain Fleming, Captain S˙ Broome, and Captain Lamb, be a Committee to request his attendance.

The Committee appointed to wait on Mr˙ Archer, returned, and reported that he was not to be found.

It appearing to this Board, from the examination of George Coffin, Master of the Sloop Henry, and the declaration in writing of Mr˙ Abraham H˙ Van Vleck, that he, the said Abraham H˙ Van Vleck, hath, contrary to a Resolution of the Continental Congress, shipped Provisions to the Island of Nantucket, on board the said Sloop Henry, whereof the said George Coffin went Master:

Ordered, That Messrs˙ Kissam and Yates wait on the Provincial Congress with the above examination and declaration.