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Monday, April 1, 1776.

Present in Council: Honourable James Otis, Caleb Cushing, Joseph Gerrish, John Whetcomb, James Frescott, Eldad Taylor, Benjamin Lincoln, Charles Chauncy, Samuel Holten, Jabez Fisher, Moses Gill, John Taylor, Benjamin White, Esquires.

Resolved, That there be paid out of the publick Treasury of this Colony, to John Brown, a wounded soldier, the sum of eight Pounds thirteen Shillings and four Pence, in full for his nursing and boarding.

Resolved, That all the Accounts exhibited against this Colony, for Powder, Lead, and Flints, delivered to the Minute-men and others, agreeable to a Resolve of this


Court, passed January 17, 1776, be, and they hereby are, committed to the Standing Committee on Accounts, and the said Committee are directed to allow such of the said Accounts as shall be authenticated by sufficient vouchers or proper evidence that the said Powder, Lead, and Flints, were expended in battle, or left in Camp for the use of the Army, and no other.