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New-York Committee



The Committee met, by adjournment, 8th June, 1775.


Henry Remsen,
Edward Fleming,
Evert Banker,
Ab˙ Brinkerhoff,
Hercules Mulligan,
Daniel Dunscomb,
Wm˙ Denning,
William Goforth,
Nicholas Hoffman,
John Berrian,
Lancaster Burling,
Gerret Kettletas,
Oliver Templeton,
Petrus Byvanck,
Isaac Sears,
Joseph Totten,
Eleazer Miller,
Jacobus Lefferts,
Jacob Van Voorhies,
John Imlay,
Abraham P˙ Lott,
John Morton,
Peter T˙ Curtenius,
Alex˙ McDougall,
William Luight,
Richard Sharpe,
John M˙ Scott,
Jeremiah Platt,
Thomas Ivers,
James Beekman,
Nicholas Bogart,
Robert Ray,
John Van Cortlandt,
Abraham Duryee,
Cornelius P˙ Low.

In pursuance of an order of this Committee at their last meeting, a poll was this day opened at the City-Hall, for the electing a Deputy to represent this City and County in Provincial Congress, in the place of Mr˙ George Folliott, who declined serving; and also of two members to serve in this Committee, in the room of the said George Folliott, and of Samuel Jones, who never has attended. And by a return of the said poll, it appears that Mr˙ Isaac Sears was elected by a large majority as a Deputy, and Mr˙ William Bedlow and Mr˙ John Woodward as members of this Committee.

Ordered, That the Chairman of this Board grant no certificates for licensing the exportation of Goods from this City and County to any port or place out of this Colony, unless due proof, in writing, on oath, be produced to him, that the said Goods were not imported contrary to the tenour or true intent and meaning of the General Continental Association.

Ordered, That John Imlay, John Berrian, Thomas Buchannan, William Goforth, Joseph Bull, Abraham P˙ Lott, Cornelius Clopper, and Evert Banker, be a Sub-Committee to inspect and examine into the Cargoes of any vessels which may arrive in this Port, suspected of having goods on board not admissible.

Ordered, That Daniel Phenix, Captain Bedlow, William Denning, and John Woodward be added to the above Committee.