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New-Hampshire Committee of Safety to New-York Convention



State of New-Hampshire, in Committee of Safety,

November 23,1776.

SIR: By two different guards, viz: Captain Fonda and Captain Robinson, from the State of New-York, has been delivered into the care of this Committee about two hundred persons, sent by the Committee appointed for inquiring into and detecting conspiracies against your State; also the votes and resolves of said Committee relative to the confinement and care of said persons.

Pursuant to said resolutions we have ordered sixty-seven of said persons to be confined in several prisons in this State, and the remainder have liberty to provide their own lodgings and support themselves by labour, or otherways, in several towns allotted to them, under cautions and restrictions for their behaviour.

We must acknowledge the civil and polite behaviour of the gentlemen from New-York who had the care of the prisoners, in particular Mr˙ Benson, in whom appeared the gentleman and generous disinterested supporter of American liberty.

The persons committed to our care, we shall proceed with according to the resolves of your Committee until further information.