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Proceedings of the Baltimore Committee



At a meeting of the Committee, August 12, 1776:

Present: William Lux, Chairman; A˙ Buchanan, C˙ Ridgely, (of Wm˙,) W˙ Wilkinson, J˙ Standeford, W˙ Tolley, Jun˙, J˙ Calhoun, B˙ Griffith, W˙ Aisquith, A˙ Britain, G˙ Vaughan, T˙ Sellers, J˙ Moale, D˙ Shaw.

Henry Carback having enrolled in Captain Job Garritson' s Company, an order was given to Captain John Tully Young to redeliver his Gun in the same order in which it was received.

Mr˙ Ridgely brought in three Muskets which he purchased at £12, and two Matchcoats at 30s.

The Fines imposed on Robert Evans and William Sinclair, as Non-enrollers, are remitted, they having enrolled in Captain Vaughan' s Company. Benjamin Riston' s fine is remitted, he having enrolled with Captain Shaw. Robert Cowell' s fine is remitted, he being upwards of fifty years of age.

Messrs˙ William Lux, William Aisquith, and James Calhoun, are appointed a Committee to settle all Accounts against the publick, and exhibit them to the Committee on Monday next.

Mr˙ Caleb Merryman delivered ten Matchcoats and three Firelocks, which he purchased.

Captain James Rosley delivered two Guns, which were appraised on oath by Job Garritson and William Raven, viz: one the property of William Gad, 15s; one the property of Benkid Willson, £1 10s.

Attest: GEO˙ Lux, Secretary.