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Letter from General Washington to Governour Trumbull



New-York, June 10, 1776.

SIR: Before this I expect you have received the resolve of Congress for augmenting our Army here and inCanada, with their requisition for the quota of men to be furnished by your Colony. I must beg leave to add, that from intelligence I have just received, and a variety of circumstances combining to confirm it, GeneralHowe, with the fleet fromHalifax, or some other armament, is hourly expected at the Hook, with designs, doubtless, to make an impression here and possess themselves of this Colony, of the last importance to us in the present controversy. Our works, are extensive and many, and the troops here but few for their defence, being greatly reduced by the regiments detached on the


Canada expedition. In this critical conjuncture of affairs, the experience I have had of your zeal and readiness to assist the common cause induces me to request the most speedy and early succours that can be obtained from your Colony, and that the Militia be forwarded, one battalion after another, as fast as they can possibly be raised, without waiting to make up the whole complement to be furnished for this place before any of them march. I would advise that they come properly provided with field and other officers, and that the person appointed by the Colony to command the whole, be here a day or two before them, to receive his orders, and be in readiness to take the command on their arrival. It will be proper, too, that notice be sent a day or two before their coming, that provision may be made for subsisting and disposing of them in proper places.

I have written a similar letter to theJersey Convention, praying aid from them. I am, sir, &c˙,

To GovernourTrumbull.