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Address of the Corporation of Maidenhead



Address of the Mayor, High Steward, Steward, Bridgemasters, and Burgesses of the Corporation of Maidenhead, in the County of Berks, presented to His Majesty by Penyston Powney, Esq.

To the King' s Most Excellent Majesty.

The humble Address of the Mayor, High Steward, Steward, Bridgemasters, and Burgesses of the Corporation of MAIDENHEAD, in the County of BERKS.

Most Gracious Sovereign:

We, your Majesty' s most dutiful and loyal subjects, beg leave to approach your Majesty with those sentiments of regard which are due to the best of Sovereigns, and with that freedom which we are entitled to as Englishmen.

We see, with infinite concern, that our fellow-subjects in America have suffered themselves to be so misled by evil and designing men as to erect the standard of rebellion; and it is matter of surprise to us, who daily feel the happy effects of a mild and gentle reign, that there should in any part of your Dominions be found men so blind to their own welfare, and so ripe for civil war, as to break down


the barrier of civil society, and place their hopes of liberty in anarchy and devastation.

Convinced as we are, by innumerable instances of your Majesty' s regard to our happy form of Government, we could safely trust our dearest rights in your hands; but as we are bound by every consideration to transmit those rights to our posterity, we cannot but protest against the principles of those men, who, by asserting the dependance of America on the Crown, exclusively of the Parliament of Great Britain, endeavour to point out a distinction, that in future times may be productive of the most fatal consequences to both.

We thank you, Sire, for the paternal care you are taking of those Kingdoms, by, we hope, the effectual means you are pursuing, to reduce to the obedience of the laws these thoughtless men, whom neither gratitude for past assistance, nor the remembrance of blood and treasure shed and expended in their defence and support, nor even the ties of nature subsisting between us, can hold in peace.

As friends to our excellent Constitution, we can but express our indignation against those who have been the promoters, the leaders, and the abetters of rebellion; but we rely on your wisdom, your moderation, and that attribute of Heaven, your, mercy, that, when it shall please God to open their eyes to reason, and turn their hearts to peace, you will receive them with open arms, as your people and our fellow-subjects, and convince them that by taxation is not meant oppresion, and that true liberty is not founded on licentiousness.

The common seal of the said Corporation was hereunto affixed, on the 14th day of November, in the year of our Lord 1775.