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Colonel John Butler to Alexander McKee



Niagara, February 29, 1776.

DEAR SIR: I wrote you the 20th ultimo, acquainting you I was glad of the opportunity to inform you I was appointed to the care and charge of the Indian Department, in Colonel Johnson' s absence. He has desired me to write you to meet me here at this place; and it is Colonel Caldwell' s orders, and mine, that you attend a meeting we propose to hold at Niagara the beginning of next May. Your knowledge in the Indian affairs; your hitherto undoubted zeal for his Majesty' s service, and the duty you owe to Government, makes your presence absolutely necessary at this place on or before the time above-mentioned; and as I now understand the Indian, who was to carry the same, has not proceeded to you, have hired an Onondaga Indian to carry this on purpose; by whose return I will expect your answer; in which I expect you will be kind enough to inform of anything worth notice that you may know respecting the proceedings of the Rebels your way. We have nothing worth notice to mention to you, only the reduction of Montreal by the Rebels, the particulars of which you must, long ere now,


have been informed of. Please make my compliments to Colonel Croghan.

I remain, dear sir, your most humble servant,

To Mr˙ Alexander McKee, Deputy Agent of Indian Affairs, Fort Pitt.

P˙ S. I have much more to say to you than the compass of this paper will admit of; but must defer it, on account of the precariousness of the times, until I have the pleasure of seeing you; and will expect you will give an invitation to a few of the Chiefs in your neighbourhood to attend the meeting at the time appointed. The bearer has orders to give notice to all the Indians he may see.

J˙ B.

The above is a true copy, taken by