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Signers in Packsfield



Aaron Beel,
Absalom Fairwill,
William Beal,
Joseph Mason,
Richard Faiwell,
Amos Skinner,
Nathaniel Breed,
Abijah Brown,
Joel Wright,
William Follet,
Timothy Parley,
James Bancroft,
Joseph Stanhope,
Eleazer Twitchel,
John Spinney,
Benjamin Nurse,
John French,
John Newhall,
Philip Bailash,
John Adams,
James Phillips, Jonathan Nichols,
Henry Bemies,
John Estabrook,
Benj˙ Nurse, Jun˙,
Amos Childs,
John Farewell,
Thomas Upham,
Nathaniel Breed, Jun˙,
Jonathan Felt,
Noah Day,
Bunker Clark,
David Marshall,
Edmund Taylor,
Samuel Everet,
Johnson Se,
Reuben Wellman,
John Stroud.

In obedience to your Honours, we have faithfully discharged the duty requested, desiring each man to sign this Covenant within our limits; all of whom have signed except Major Breed Batchellor.

JOSEPH STANHOPE, Selectmen of Packersfield.
JOHN SPINNEY, Selectmen of Packersfield.
ELEAZER TWITCHEL, Selectmen of Packersfield.