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Meeting of the Inhabitants of Charles County, Maryland



At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Charles County, qualified to vote for Representatives, at Port Tobacco Town, on the 18th day of November, 1774, when Samuel Hanson, Esq˙, was unanimously chosen Chairman,

Resolved, That Walter Hanson, William Smallwood, Josias Hawkins, Francis Ware, Joseph H˙ Harrison, Thomas Thornton, Isaac Campbell, John M' Pherson, Henry Fendall, Thomas Stone, George Dent, G˙ R˙ Brown, Daniel Jenifer, Samuel Love, John Dent, James Craik, Robert T˙ Hooe, James Key, Thomas Hanson Marshall, Zephaniah Turner, Kenelm T˙ Stoddart, Thos˙ Marshall; Peter Dent, Richard Clagett, Richard Speake, Ignatius Luckett, Francis Mastin, Burdet Hamilton, John Keybert, Reuben Dye, Henry Davis, Warren Dent, William Winter, Jun˙, Gerard Fowke, William M' Conkie, Richard Barnes, Richard R˙ Reeder, Samuel Stone, Jun˙, John H˙ Stone, Robert Sennett, Gerrard B˙ Causeen, George C˙ Smoot, John Marshall, Joseph Joy, Thomas Harris, Jonathan Yates, Jezreel Penn, Moses Hobart, Edward Smoot, Stephen Compton, Theophilus Yates, John Brue, Samuel Jones, Edward Warren, James Maddox, James Campbell, Benjamin Philpot, Walter Winter, John Parnham, Samuel Turner, Hezekiah Dent, William Compton, Zachariah Chunn, Charles S˙ Smith, Robert Young, Joseph Anderson, Henry S˙ Hawkins, John Hanson, youngest, Bennett Dyson, Benjamin Fendall, Samuel Hanson, youngest, Notley Maddox, Geo˙ Keech, George Dent, Jun˙, John Stone, Walter H˙ Jenifer, John N˙ Knott, Francis B˙ Franklin, Alexander M' Pherson, Jan˙, Thomas M' Pherson, John M' Pherson, William Hanson, Benjamin Cawood, Jun˙, Charles Mankin,


Belain Posey, John Muschett, Haskins Hanson, Walter Hanson, Jun˙, John B˙ Meeke, and Pearson Chapman, be a Committee to represent and act for this County, to carry into execution the Association agreed on by the American Continental Congress, and that any seven of them have power to act.

Resolved, That Samuel Hanson, Walter Hanson, Dan˙ Jenifer, Thomas Stone, Robert T˙ Hooe, James Craig, James Key, Walter Hanson Jenifer, John H˙ Stone, and Zephaniah Turner, be a Committee of Correspondence for this County, and that any five have power to act.

Resolved, That it is the sense of this meeting that Samuel Hanson, William Smallwood, Josias Hawkins, Francis Ware, Jos˙ H˙ Harrison, Thomas Stone, Daniel Jenifer, John Dent, George Dent, Robert T˙ Hooe, Sam˙ Love, and Thomas Hanson Marshall, ought to attend the next Provincial Meeting on the 21st instant, and have full power to represent and act for this County.