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Letter from General Armstrong to Colonel Moultrie: The point at which the enemy may attempt to land on Sullivan' s Island must be prudently and vigorously defended at all events


Haddrell' s Point, June 16, 1776.

DEAR COLONEL: I shall do my utmost to comply with yours and ColonelThompson' s request respecting the residue of his regiment. No passage over, unless you can send some boats in the morning. I wish the situation of the bridge may not be fatal to us, as we must assist each other. Let Mr˙De Brahm be early at work there, as it must be defensible. Does not the movement of the enemy towardsDewees' s look like an intention to use one of the creeks towardsHaddrell' s, probablyBolton' s landing? I expect GeneralLee early here to-morrow. Dear Colonel, be vigilant, keep your troops alert. I see no reason why you may not also reinforce ColonelThompson; nay, if they appear indeed to land onSullivan' s, it must be done, and the point at the Island where they may best land prudently and vigorously defended at all events. Let the Colonel know this.

May Heaven attend you all.


To ColonelMoultrie.