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Committee of Observation for Frederick County, Maryland.


Resolved, That the collectors of money for the purchase of Arms and Ammunition, shall severally pay to the Committee of Correspondence all sums already received, and shall continue to solicit subscriptions till the third Tuesday in August next; on which day they shall pay to the said Committee the several sums which they shall have collected, and produce fair copies of their subscription papers, which shall be signed by them, and set up on the Cow-House door; that the Committee of Correspondence shall pay to John Hanson, Esq˙, who is hereby appointed Treasurer for the County, all sums of money which they have received, or shall receive from the collectors aforesaid.

Resolved, That the collectors of money to defray the expenses of the Maryland Delegates, shall immediately pay to the Treasurer all sums of money which they have already received, and they shall continue their collections, and make another payment on the 15th instant, and the Treasurer shall then transmit the whole to Charles Wallace, Esq˙, of Annapolis, to be by him forwarded to the Delegates at Philadelphia.

Resolved, That as the fourth Resolve that was resolved at a meeting of the Committee on the 10th of May last, is not complied with, it shall be carried into execution, and returns made, agreeable to said Resolve, at the next meeting of this Committee.

In consequence of an order of the Committee, issued on the 11th of last May, the Reverend Mr˙ Rennet Allen produced the Sermon that he preached on that day.

On motion, the Sermon was read, and the question put, Whether the said sermon be exceptionable?

Resolved in the negative.

Whereas, a Paper Mill is about being erected near Frederick Town, and it being incumbent on us, at this time, to give especial encouragement to country manufactories, it is recommended to the people of this County that they save all their Linen and Woollen Rags, and prefer the Paper made here to any foreign manufacture whatsoever.

Resolved, That these proceedings be printed in the Maryland Gazette and in the Maryland Journal.

The Committee adjourns till Friday, the 21st day of August next.

Signed by order of the Committee:

ARCH˙ BOYD, Clerk.