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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting of the Committee, on Monday, November 20, 1775:

Present: John Moale, Chairman, pro tempore, John Smith, James Calhoun, William Wilkinson, Charles Ridgely, of William, Abraham Britton, Zacharlah McCubbin, Jun˙, William Buchanan, Robert Alexander, Isaac Grist, John E, Howard, Thomas Gist, Benjamin Griffith.

The Committee appoint Robert Alexander, Esq˙, to receive from the Western-Shore. Branch of the Council of Safety, the sum of four hundred and twelve Pounds fifteen Shillings, being the sum subscribed for Arms, Ammunition, &c˙, actually laid out and expended.

Upon motion, Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee that such persons as have quantities of Salt by them, ought to retail the same immediately, notwithstanding any verbal contract or other agreement before made for it; and it is further the opinion of the Committee, that all persons holding quantities of Salt, and refusing to retail the same as aforesaid, ought to be published, and looked upon as enemies to the liberties of America.

Ordered, That the same be published.


Messrs˙ Isaac Grist, Zachariah McCubbin, William Wilkinson, and Benjamin Griffith, or any three of them, are appointed a Committee to examine the several Warehouses where they suspect British Salt is stored, and immediately report the quantities to the President, or Vice-President of this Committee.

A copy attested by: GEORGE LUX, Secretary.