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A List of the Armed Vessels



At Salem and Marblehead.

1st. The Lynch, schooner, commanded by Captain Broughton.

2d. The Franklin, schooner, commanded by Captain Selman. Both the above vessels have sailed from Marllehead, with seventy men each, to the River St˙ Lawrence, per the special order of Congress. See their additional instructions.

3d. The Lee, schooner, commanded by Captain Manley, fitted out at Marblehead. Sailed October 29, on a cruise.

N˙B. Captain Glover having waived his rank, and gone as Lieutenant, I have given him expectations that if he behaves well the General will give him the command of the next vessel fitted out from that place, if there should be any more.

4th. The Warren, schooner, commanded by Captain Adams, of the New-Hampshire troops; she sails the 30th. Each of the above vessels carries four four-pounders, with twenty rounds for each cannon, ten swivels, and twenty rounds. The two last vessels carry fifty men each.

Agents: Tristram Dallon, Esq˙, Newburyport; Joshua Wentworth, Esq˙, Portsmouth.

At Plymouth.

1st. The Washington. This is a fine vessel, mounts ten carriage-guns, and is commanded by Captain Martindale, of Rhode-Island. She expects to sail the 30th. The crew have not gone down, but I have wrote to General Greene to order them away as soon as the weather will admit. This vessel will carry eighty or one hundred men.

2d. The Harrison, schooner, commanded by Captain Coit, of Connecticut. She is now out. She carries fifty men, four carriage-guns, and ten swivels. Agent, William Watson, Esq˙, Plymouth.

Captain Bowen is at that place, superintending the outfit of the vessel. Each of the above vessels have a Surgeon — their boxes of medicine prepared at the Hospital.

Ammunition for the vessels from Marblehead has been sent from camp; that for those at Plymouth has been provided by the Town, but is to be replaced as soon as an account is given by Captain Brown. Two hundred barrels of flour at Salem, for the use of these vessels, in the hands of the Agent.

Mr˙ Moylan and Colonel Glover are at Salem and Marblehead, superintending the vessels which have been and are fitting out there.

Major Tupper having expressed some desire to go out in one of the vessels he has taken at Martha' s Vineyard, has had leave, provided he can man and fit her out at Plymouth immediately; otherwise not, as the season is far advanced.

Captain Coit is out in the vessel first fitted, but thinks she is rather old and weak; he has leave to take one of the late captures, if he can do it without loss of time; but is advised rather to keep in the vessel fitted out till he can take a better.

Mr˙ Watson, Agent at Plymouth, has directions to advance moneys to Major Tupper and those who assisted him, for which he has the prizes, &c˙, in hand.

The Agents are directed by their instructions to send their bills, with the vouchers and an affidavit of the truth


of their accounts, to Head-Quarters, before their bills are to be answered.

No bills are yet drawn or warrants given upon this account. I would humbly recommend that the Paymaster-General should open an account for the armed vessels, and charge them outfits; that the money, or value of prizes taken, be sent to him and credited — from which it will, at one view, be seen what is the profit or loss, and be kept distinct from the Army accounts.

Mr˙ Moylan having been employed in this service, and from his education understanding shipping, I should apprehend a very proper person to control the accounts that will be sent in for the fitting out those vessels.


October 29, 1775.