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Association of the Inhabitants of Newtown, in Fairfield County, Connecticut


Newtown, Fairfield County,

Colony of Connecticut, April 12, 1775.

Whereas, a considerable number of the inhabitants of this Town have, in a publick meeting, passed certain Resolves in opposition to the Resolves of the Continental Congress, (which have since been published in Mr˙ Rivington' s Paper,) we have thought it expedient in some suitable way to make known our minds also respecting those matters; and therefore having subscribed the following Resolves, desire they may be printed, with the several names affixed:

We, the subscribers, do sincerely profess ourselves to be liege subjects of King George the Third. But from the best acquaintance will publick affairs that we have been able to attain, cannot but be deeply apprehensive that several Acts passed by the late British Parliament relative to North-America are of a very unconstitutional and oppressive nature in their tendency, directly subversive of those precious rights and privileges to which the Colonies have an indubitable claim, which Acts, therefore, are of a very alarming nature; and not being able to conceive but that the measures; come into, and recommended by the late Continental Congress at Philadelphia, are very consistent with our sworn loyalty to our King, and in the main wisely calculated to obtain redress of said publick grievances: we do, therefore, hereby signify our willingness and purpose to be compliant in our several stations with the Resolves of said Congress.


Richard Fairman,
John Botsford,
Abraham Bennett,
David Judson,
John Chandler,
Amos Botsford,
Caleb Baldwin, Jun˙,
Gideon Botsford,
Joseph Smith, Jun˙,
Ephraim Sherman,
Amos Northrup,
Ichabod Fairman,
Abm˙ Bennett,Jun˙,
David Curtiss,
Jabez Botsford,
Silas Hubbel,
Abel Baldwin,
Elijah Botsford,
Henry Fairman,
Gid˙ Botsford, Jun˙,
Abraham Botsford,
Jonathan Northrup,
Aaron Gregory,
Clement Botsford,
Richard Smith,
Ebenezer Smith,
Matthew Curtiss, Jr.
Benjamin Dunning,
Eli Dunning,
Abijah Dunning,
Philo Dunning,
Henry Peck,
Jared Dunning,
Samuel Brown,
Gideon Dunning,
James Sanford,
Job Bunnel,
David Jackson,
Gershom Jackson,
Ephraim Jackson,
Silas Dunning,
David Jackson, Jun˙,
Rich˙ Fairman, Jun.
Joshua Northrup,
Enos Northrup,
Daniel Jackson,
Thomas Brooks,
Joshua Hatch,
Joseph Wheeler,
Nathaniel Little,
Nathaniel Brisco,
Joel Basset,
Amos Smith,
Nathan Barritt,
Joseph Smith,
Thomas Bennott,
Eleazer Burritt,
Asa Cogswell,
James Fairchild,
Henry Wood,
George Terril,
Fitch Kimberly,
John Bassot,
William Wright,
Josiah Beardslee,
Nathaniel Cada,
Joseph Gunn,
Matthew Baldwin,
Silas Fairchild,
Amos Burritt.