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Robert Boyd, Jun., to New-York Congress



New-Windsor, June 10, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: In consequence of a resolve of this honourable Convention, passed the 6th instant, Mr˙ Henry Watkeys hath waited on me for the purpose of fixing a plan for making muskets, bayonets, &c˙, agreeable to said resolve; and after mature deliberation on the subject, I find that the expense of manufacturing a gun-barrel, bayonet, and steel rammer, (which are the parts Mr˙ Watkeys would assign me,) will amount to thirty-two shillings currency; this, I think, will be the extent, but dare not fix it lower previous to making trial. Gentlemen, it would give me particular pleasure to have a manufactory of this kind established in this Province; and believe me, that if you shall be pleased to appoint me as one to bear a part in the execution thereof, I will exert my utmost skill in endeavouring to give satisfaction, both respecting price and quality; but must remind you, gentlemen, that in order to facilitate the business, it will be necessary to fix machinery, and provide a number of tools not necessary in other business, the expense of which will amount to about one hundred Pounds; this sum will be requisite previous to the undertaking; and if a contract can be obtained for one thousand barrels, &c˙, the money advanced shall be discounted on the first payment; if, on the contrary, it shall be judged by the honourable Congress inexpedient to prosecute the plan proposed, the sum advanced must be considered as sunk.

I am, gentlemen, with due esteem, your most obedient and humble servant,


The Honourable the Provincial Congress for the Colony of New-York, now convened in the City of New-York.