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Letter to the Committee of Philadelphia


Saturday, April 29, 1775, 5 o' clock, afternoon.

GENTLEMEN; The extract of the, letter from New-York, communicating the very interesting and important intelligence, "that a number of Troops were ordered for that City, which was to be the place of Arms, and fortified;


that all communication between that City and the Southern and Eastern Provinces, was to be cut off; that the people of that Colony were concerting means to prevent such schemes, were embodying themselves, and desired the immediate assistance of the Southward Colonies, before the arrival of the Troops," was this morning, about 10 o' clock, received, and immediately laid before the Provincial Convention now sitting.

The Convention are deeply concerned for New-York, and request to be acquainted with the authenticity of that account, and the particulars thereof; and that you will advise them what conduct it is expected will be held by New-York, your Province, and the Jerseys, on the very interesting and trying occasion.

By order of the Convention:

MAT˙ TILGHMAN, Chairman of the Convention.